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My main goal is to inspire people to discover new places and experience adventures in nature through photography, and to notice what's happening around them. My mission is to tell stories through pictures that inspire living a fuller and more adventurous life beyond the four walls. The photos in this section depict various natural phenomena, such as morning marshes or beautiful hiking trails and locations in Estonia, different events and moments, and portrait photos reflecting an active and adventurous lifestyle. My unique style and vision are evident in color processing, approach, and in what I photograph and capture. My photography services are also aimed at companies and brands looking to associate their products and services with nature and an adventurous lifestyle. Drawing on my experience in photography and marketing, I create visual solutions that meet clients needs and help them reach their target audience. Photography services include outdoor photoshoots, including drone photography and capturing beautiful locations that offer endless opportunities for natural backgrounds and beautiful views. I also offer outdoor photoshoots and event photography. I also organize photo tours, which are a great opportunity to discover new places and experience adventures with other photography enthusiasts. I offer diverse and interesting hikes to various natural beauty spots, from morning marsh excursions to beautiful hiking trails. On photo tours, you can not only capture beautiful views and natural phenomena but also learn new photography techniques and share experiences with other nature and photography enthusiasts.

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